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Manage Ticketing & Registration

With a platform to sell tickets at the point-of-sale, online and through our call center, the GROWTix gives you a secure, easy to use ticketing or registration platform allowing you to focus on your event experience.

Promote & Market Your Event

GROWTix gives you the ability to increase attendance with a personalized website, online registration forms, email templates and social marketing capabilities. You can capture the details and target your marketing even more.

Measure, Track, Analyze

With GROWTix, you can track every part of your event participation. Stay up-to-date with standardized or custom reports that can be delivered to your email daily. Plus, you can track which promotional campaigns are working and refind your marketing communication

GROWTix provided us with an incredible ticketing platform for Salt Lake Comic Con. We could not have been as successful without the assistance of the 47Seventy team, and we would have had an “epic fail” rather than the most successful first year Comic Con in North America.



Match the look and feel of your website and event with your registration.

Simple Functionality

Easy to set-up and track your registrations and event attendees.

Custom Tickets

Create a custom ticket that matches your branding, QR code or offers.

Convenience Fees

Pass fees on to the customer, or set your own fees to recover costs.

Email Tools

Stay connected with email blasts to current and past attendees.

Merchant Services

Multiple Options to suit your cash flow needs.

Unlimited Events

Build out multiple events within your event with a single transaction.

Mobile Event App

Make your check-in and event information easy to access with our app solutions.

Create Free Vouchers

Complimentary tickets and vouchers are free with GROWTix.

Social Media Promotion

Promotion across social media channels connects to your attendee with your event.

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Secure, Simple Online Ticketing

Purchasing tickets is a breeze with GrowTix. Customers visit one fully responsive webpage and stay on it throughout the entire purchasing process. There is no redirecting to multiple pages or websites. The entire purchase including additional merchandise, upgrades, billing information and order summary are on the same page.

Fully Featured Administration Tools

The GROWTix admin website is straightforward and simple. You can have your event’s ticketing up and running within minutes, personalized to your event needs. No matter how simple or multifaceted your event is GrowTix can accommodate all of your ticketing needs.

Native Mobile Applications

The GROWTix consumer app make getting into events quick and seamless. Customers can view the event schedule, read up on the latest news and social media announcements from the event, and save their tickets right on their smart phone or tablet. There’s no need to print tickets.

GROWTix also has an app for checking people into the event and for event staff to communicate by using push notifications. The app can be used on any smart phone or tablet.


No matter the depth of your event, we’re here for you. We can provide event management and planning from the early developmental stages of your event. Our abilities include managing the event budget, registration and ticketing solutions, mobile event applications, digital development and marketing integration.

GROWTix Online Event Registration is a solution provided by the team at 47Seventy and Utah MediaOne Group. When you need a custom registration or ticketing solution for your next conference, trade show or meeting, experience the benefits of using GROWTix. Management of your event with online registration forms, event websites, badges, event marketing, credit card processing, on-site services just got easier.


GROWTix Event Solutions

Jerica Denby

Event Manager